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Lennar, Gemcraft & 瑞安房屋

Love the website!! It's great, the virtual tour is wonderful! I didn't realize it was up and I was talking to one of the internet leads that I had contacted and they told me the virtual tour was great.


The University of Maryland College Park - Department of Public Safety

Everything looks good. I'm really happy with the progress we've made on the website.

Everything is going well. I'm going to give you a list in 3 parts of all the changes we need to do. The first 2 parts will probably be fairly easy and the last one will take sometime. Let me know when you plan do this first part and I'll inform my users to stay out of contribute.

Northern Virginia Apartments

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Pam Reaves

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Founder & CEO

This is the first time I'm seen the website outside of my blackberry...you did a great job.

Rushern L. 贝克先生